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Choose the highest bidder... [entries|friends|calendar]
le erin <3

how i miss your ranting, do you miss my all time lows?
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Twitter [february 18th, 2009 @ 05:39pm]
You're more than welcome to follow me on Twitter

That'd be fabulous. :D

[december 11th, 2008 @ 12:05am]
Life is not simply materials.

[august 13th, 2008 @ 05:51pm]
Katie's entry inspired me. So, instead of leaving you something intellectual to read, I'll just depart with this cute photo of a squirrel with a nut in its mouth:

[august 13th, 2008 @ 12:59pm]
I saw four shooting stars last night! First time I had ever saw one in my life, so I was pretty content and by content I mean bloody ecstatic.

I went to a concert with a boy that I'm going to school with on Sunday. Danny is a awesome guy and I can tell that we're going to be super tight over the next year. Thank goodness he's going with me!

Last minute flutters of moving away are making me kinda nervous, but I'm just soaking up my last few days here.

As much as I hate to say it, I'm happy that I'm bringing my laptop there because this is my life. My Macbook Pro is my life. No, you really don't understand. Hahaha! I also ordered a BlackBerry Curve 8330 and I'm making the assumption that its going to be my right hand man when the laptop isn't available! Constantly connected to the outside world, I guess. Such a shame!

Getting my wisdom teeth out on the 20th, but maybe I can reschedule that nonsense so I can have a few more days with my friends, ya know.

I have NOTHING interesting to write about! HAHAHAHAHAH
I should delete this entry :D
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[august 3rd, 2008 @ 12:20pm]
At this point in my life, I just feel so fucking good. I feel so happy and content and pleased with everything going on.
Things that used to bother me, just don't anymore. If things do, I think about it for two seconds and question why it would make me aggravated and then the thought disappears from my mind completely.
I'm confident. I'm happy with my body, although I can always drop another 20 pounds. Yeah, another 20 pounds. I always cheat, though! Hahahah! :D

I don't really need to justify anything in my LiveJournal anymore. There is no need because I know who I am and I know how I feel and I know what is going on in my life. Does that make any sense? No? Okay, well it does in my mind. :)

I love being myself! Ugh!
I want everyone to feel as good as I do right now.

Don't change yourself for someone else. Tell yourself that you are beautiful every single day. You are. I promise. You are a knock-out and that person that you are lusting over isn't even worth your energy if they don't see the special qualities that you have.
Don't take things personally. We are stuck in a society where it is all about, "ME! ME! ME!" Well, its not about you. Its about them. Everyone reacts to things that are going on around them. Don't let it bother you. Here is an exercise: Look at the closest window. Look at an object that is outside. No one can see that object the exact same way that you do. Sure, there will be some similar qualities... but never exactly 100% the way you do. Think about that with life.
Don't make assumptions about people. Gossiping is something that all can admit to part-taking in. Its a part of life and its especially a part of high school. Don't add to it. I sit in conversations and I'll just observe. Granted, yes, yes, I have slipped... but everyone does :D

Who am I to give any tips? I'm not trying to give them to you. I'm giving them to myself so that I can read it when I fall off track.

Take this with a grain of salt.
If you read this, I'm so happy for you.

I probably sound like such a douche bag! Hahahahahah! :D :D :D :D
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